These   are   just   a    few   of   our   favorite things.

Grill & Brew Menu

today's supper - daily specials


All You Can Eat Catfish - $11.99
it's baaaaaaack!

Red Stone Hot Ribs - $11.99
chase's secret family recipe! choose your sauce & 2 sides

Meatloaf and Potatoes
Lunch - $9.99/Dinner - $11.99
mashed potatoes, OLD CHUB glazed meatloaf, gravy & broccoli

Fried Chicken & Waffles - $11.99
the devil went down to Georgia and this is the soul he stole

Robert Johnson's Shrimp & Grits - $16.99
crawfish, shrimp & grits, mushrooms hamhock & sweet corn gravy...Yeah, gravy...

Chicken Fried Steak - $11.49
green beans, potatoes & gravy

Farmer Geoff's Chubby Red Chili
Raggae - $3.99 / $8.99
Loaded - Tortilla chips, aged cheddar, scallions, jalapeños, red onion, sour cream, bacon - $4.99 / $10.99



LUNCH MENU - Monday - Friday 11-3pm
6.99 solo/ add a cup o soup and salad $2
Add a side of fries $1

Lyons Lunch Menu

Albuquerque Turkey
house smoked turkey, cranberry chipotle sauce, mashed potatoes, gravy and broccoli

Grateful Grilled Cheese
cheesy greatness: melted Swiss, jack, provolone, cheddar and grilled tomatoes

Leah’s Buffalo Chicken Sandwich
buffalo chicken, blue cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and avocado on a hoagie

Veggie Wrap
portabella mushrooms and red peppers, melted fresh mozzarella, pesto, arugula and tomatoes all twisted up in our homemade wrap

Turkey Wrap
thin sliced smoked turkey, spicy slaw, tomato and guacamole, all twisted up in our homemade wrap

grass fed Black Angus burger, CHUB bun, house dressing, smoked american cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion pickle

OB Smothered Burrito
choose your meat: smoked pork, grilled chicken, filled with peppers, onions, rice, and smothered in green chili

Let's Get Happy - Mon ALL DAY, Tue-Fri 2-6pm - Happy Hour!


All Day Happy Hour Mondays
with $.50 boneless wings


Dale's, Mama's, Old Chub
or One Nut Brown - $3.50/pint

Well singles & House Wines


Chips & Salsa - $2.50
fresh in-house chips and salsa
add a side of guac - $2

Basket 'O' Fries - $2
your choice! sweet potato or regular

1 lb Toked Wings - $6
half the size, same great burn
choose - dale's original buffalo, chub juice, mama's honey sriracha, g'knight green jalapeno or deviant meleguta

Smokin' Hot Links - $1.50
smoked old style andouille sausage, served with our g'knight beer mustard

Jamb Mac - $2.50
made with andouille, chicken and love

Sliders - $2-$2.50
pulled pork - $2
beef & cheese - $2.50
buffalo chicken tender - $2.50

Fish Tacos - $1.50
crispy cod on a warm corn tortilla, served with pico de gallo, and cilantro-lime cabbage

Mama Wants Chocolate - $1
one big'ol bourbon ball